The one year game develpoment duel



Animations for $8,095

This post is a budget update, which is how I track spending throughout the competition. Check out my budget to see what I've spent money on.

Just as I have been working nearly non stop with an illustrator, I have been going back and forth with Liron, my animator. I eased into a contract with her due to fear from my last animation contract. We started with a $90 trial, and then another $500 trial. She did an amazing job on those, so the full contract began.

During this time, 20 of the ~25 characters have been animated. Most of them have 4 animations (walk and attack in two directions). A handful have six animations because they have a special attack. This contract is nearing an end, and a third contract will be necessary for the 5 remaining characters, which are heroes.

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