The one year game develpoment duel
  • Apr


    One Year Later – Late and Over Budget5 commentslearning

    Today marks the one year anniversary of our game development competition, so I can now safely say that the game will be late. Not only will the game be late, but I'm also about 2k over budget. If you had asked me a year ago if I would be disappointed about being late and over budget, I would have absolutely said yes. Read More

  • Apr


    Animating a Path Using Image Masking3 commentscoronalearning

    I recently found myself wanting to animate a character's progress path and initially I thought I would do this by creating multiple animation frames, much like a sprite. After a bit of frustration, trial and error, I realized that creating an image mask was a more efficient and effective method. To give you an example of what I was trying to accomplish, here is a picture of a portion of my game's world map. The yellow and line is the path that my character takes. Read More

  • Jan


    The Character Creation Process3 commentsartdesign

    One of the most enjoyable parts of the game development process so far has been creating characters. Using my imagination to discover how they look, what abilities they have, where they're from, and how they talk is immensely satisfying. Largely due to the efforts of the illustrator and animator I'm contracting, the first character of the game was just fully completed. I'm extremely happy with the outcome and thought I'd share with you the process of how he came to life. Read More

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Status Update#28

0 commentsstatus

I’ve been able to get a bunch done in the last month and I’m getting closer and closer to my short-term goal of having a playable first 4 levels. This update includes new character animations, new attack icons, an updated character select screen, intro movie updates, and pinch/zoom functionality. Read More

    Key Events
  • Multiple Attack Support
  • Intro Movie Update
  • New Characters Animated
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