The one year game develpoment duel
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    Isometric Projectile Trajectory in Swift and SpriteKit0 commentscodespritekit

    How do you launch a catapult, grenade, arrow, or any other projectile in an isometric world? I had to joy of figuring that out over these past two days, and I thought I would share. Before jumping in, let me point out that the code below is for my specific use case, and is not a full featured framework. So, you'll still have to understand the concepts, but if you're Googling for help this will hopefully get you on the right track. Read More

  • Jul


    SpriteKit Save Files in Swift 32 commentscode

    Last year I wrote about saving game data in SpriteKit, and that code is now completely out of date. Swift 3 has brought about all sorts of fun changes, so it's time for me to provided some updated code. Read More

  • Mar


    Gamedev with a Newborn3 commentscode

    In case you're wondering, game development is hard to keep up with when dealing with an infant. Now, I went into this knowing the first 4 weeks would be baby and family first. But, I secretly had hope that I would have some spare time to keep the game moving forward. Now that the first month is over, I've worked a grand total of: Read More

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  • SKTransformNode docs aren't up. Here's a basic implementation -- transform a 2d image to animate in iso ,
  • SKTransformNode, SKRenderer, and SKFocusNodeBehavior. Not too much, but small wins. Hopefully Metal2 improves frame rate as well. ,
  • Somehow missed your question -- I do work on it, but I'm down to 3 days a week. Working on rearranging life to get back to 40 hours.,
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Status Update#27

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January 2016. Getting close to that two year mark. This month marks the first full month of iteration on an existing "platform". I'm rapidly iterating through smaller features instead of spending months implementing core code. Because of that, I'm also going to change these status updates slightly. I'll have my videos go through all the incremental changes, while the posts look through the bigger picture of what's left. This should allow for easier tracking of overall progress. Additionally, I can save thoughts, ideas, and other general topics for the blog posts. Read More

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  • Final Scene Management
  • Charge & Flee
  • Basic Economy
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