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$8,380 on Illustration Contract

This post is a budget update, which is how I track spending throughout the competition. Check out my budget to see what I've spent money on.

Chris, Scott and I came to an agreement on an illustration contract that would involve Scott alternating weeks in which he works for us. My portion of the contract was $8,000. It ended up finishing mid-week, so I extended it the extra $380 to round it off. The goal was to finish all illustrations for the game during this time. That did not happen because I changed my game midway through. Still, a lot was accomplished.

  • Story completed (~16 illustrations)
  • World map finished
  • Credit and decision screen
  • ~30 characters illustrated
  • 6 levels designed

With that finished, I still have to complete:

  • 6 more levels, plus touch up some of the existing ones
  • Title screen, hero screen, army screen
  • Marketing (website image, game icon and logo)
  • Polish, polish, polish.

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