The one year game develpoment duel



$200 on Trial Art

This post is a budget update, which is how I track spending throughout the competition. Check out my budget to see what I've spent money on.

I’m starting to reach out to a few artists, and it is difficult to determine cost, style, availability and friendliness just by exchanging a few emails. So, I plan to contract out a couple of artists to see their take on my existing level and characters. In the end, I imagine I’ll spend $1,000 on this sort of purchase.

Hopefully, $400 or so that is made by the artist I chose to work with will go back into the final game. I feel this is the only way to get to know someone who will be such an important part of the overall product. I plan to write more on this topic later, but the exciting part is that concept art is on the way.

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