The one year game develpoment duel



3 Game design books for $80.80

This post is a budget update, which is how I track spending throughout the competition. Check out my budget to see what I've spent money on.

I thought I’d kick this contest off by purchasing a little bed time reading material. I want to start prototyping games as soon as possible, so hopefully a few books on game theory and design will help me to avoid some of the mistakes beginners make.

5 of you did not hold your tongue!
  1. Good luck to both of you. Are you "certain" that neither of you has any experience? I find your site a little too professional for you to claim so.

  2. Thanks, Sara. We both come from web development and successfully sold a web company, We're not new to programming and business, but this is really our first honest attempt at developing games.

  3. Wow really interested in the outcome and most importantly how you will tackle your obstacles as you go through. :) so excited :)

  4. They have experience in web development sara, not game dev.

  5. Oops misinterpreted the direction of the conversation XD.

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