The one year game develpoment duel
  • Jan


    My Take on Health Bars8 commentsartthoughts

    Health indicators are found in almost every game. As Chris pointed out, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When it became time to think about them in my game, I wanted to add something that was functional, but also unique or interesting in some way. Read More

  • Jul


    My Experiences Searching for an Artist9 commentsartthoughts

    Finding an artist has been my biggest fear since this competition started. There are so many things that could go wrong when you have to depend on someone you don't know to contribute a third or more to your project. The style may not be a match, they could leave half way through the project, the budget estimations may be way off -- the list goes on and on. I must say though, I've gained confidence in art contractors in the two weeks I've been speaking with them. I thought I would share some of my notes. Read More

  • Jul


    Stats From the First Quarter2 commentsdatathoughts

    It's hard to believe that we're already 3 months into the competition. My first quarter of game development consisted of many highs and lows, but most importantly I still consider it among the most rewarding things I've done. From a purely stats perspective, I think my productivity can be summed up as a strong start, medium middle, and lacking end. I thought it would be fun to look at some concrete numbers, so here is what I came up with. Read More

  • May


    Can a Mobile Game Have a Great Story?1 commentthoughts

    Forget the big ports like X-Com or Final Fantasy Tactics and you're left with mediocre stories in most mobile games. Hits like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja excel in gameplay, not story. Even standout indie games like Hunters and Battleheart fall short. I expect almost every mobile game I buy to be light on gameplay and even lighter on story. I thought the same would be true for my game, but The Adventures of Princess and Mr. Whiffle by Patrick Rothfuss changes everything. Read More

  • Apr


    Possibly the Most Fun I’ve Had Professionally2 commentsmoodthoughts

    I was going to sit down this morning and write a post on why I'm choosing Sprite Kit, but instead I feel the need to express how fun game development has been so far. It will be interesting to track my mood over time because I do see the tedious nature of the craft lurking around the corner, but for now I'm loving life. Read More

  • Mar


    Let’s Do This!1 commentstatusthoughts

    April has been in my sights for some time now. After a move, some traveling, a bit of relaxation, building out an office space and designing this site, I'm finally ready to start working on games. Actually, this dream is a lifetime in the making. Read More

  • Mar


    How Designing This Site Prepares Me For Game Development11 commentsdesignthoughts

    Whether it be video games, web development or mobile software, coding is coding. And launching something is hard. Every developer knows that. One of the main difficulties comes from design. Or, more specifically, polish. Anytime I can exercise my design muscles, I'll be better prepared the next time around. Read More

  • Mar


    Predictions About the Upcoming Year0 commentsthoughts

    One of the interesting parts of documenting a journey is seeing how wrong (or right) you can be in the beginning. Whether it be budget, timing, quality, success, enjoyment or one of the many other measurements -- something will not go as planned. I thought it would be fun to try to write out some concrete guesses about the future so that they can be revisited. Read More

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What's this contest about?

Armed with little to no game development experience, the Brothers Campbell are attempting to make video games for a living. We believe the best way for us to learn is to do what comes naturally to brothers — Compete! The challenge is to see who can make the most successful video game on a budget of $25,000 and in one year’s time. The duel begins on April 7th, 2014 and we'll be documenting the journey.

How will you determine the winner?

It’s simple. The most profitable game wins. We’ll have 6 months to market the game after the one year development deadline on April 7th, 2015.

Learn more about the competition